Huang, Claire

十月 16, 2019

The European and American style jewelry gift box make the jewelry stunning

The design of the European and American style jewelry gift box has always given the public the impression that the intuitive pragmatic needs of unlimited magnification.
十月 16, 2019

Circular analysis of customized perfume gift box

Now many cosmetics packaging has a very large polarization, which specifically performs in that for some lipstick, essence, emulsion, perfume gift box, the grade of customization is very high.
十月 16, 2019

A customized wine paper box really attaches very much to the wine

Wine paper box plays a very important role in wine sales, which can not only attract consumers to buy, but also consolidate the brand and corporate image.
十月 16, 2019

Do you know how to make a flower gift box?

A new flower gift box packaging production includes pre-customer communication, design, production preparation, and formal production process.
十月 11, 2019

Do you know how to make the cosmetic gift box stand out?

Now, for many customers who need the customization of the cosmetic gift box, their strategy has changed a lot.
十月 11, 2019

Some knowledge about perfume sachet

From the perspective of culture, perfume sachet is a kind of folk embroidery handicraft created by the working women of the ancient Han.
十月 11, 2019

Car fragrance: a new sense of smell in the car

The car fragrance can not only help eliminate the odor and purify the air in the car but also make the driver happier in the driving process.
十月 11, 2019

Do you know what equipment is used to fill the air freshener?

The air freshener is also called an "environmental perfume", which is the most common method for purifying the air environment in the vehicle and improving the air quality.
九月 27, 2019

What do you know about aroma diffuser?

At present, most hotels in the fragrance configuration generally take the direct purchase of aroma diffuser and fragrance essential oil, and then install and use it by themselves.