Huang, Claire

一月 15, 2020

Do you know how to maintain your leather box?

Leather, like human skin, […]
一月 15, 2020

The packaging design matters for a packaging box

The packaging box, as the […]
十二月 4, 2019

Which design principles should be paid attention to for your display stand?

Better use of the display stand can give a design with substantive significance and vitality.
十二月 4, 2019

Why do you need a canvas bag?

For a portion of people, the canvas bag is very simple and easy, that is, it is barely two bits from claiming material together.
十二月 4, 2019

What can organic shampoo do for your hair?

In fact, the biggest difference between organic shampoo and inorganic shampoo is the difference between organic and inorganic.
十二月 4, 2019

What’s the skincare secrets of vitamin C body lotion

There are also many kinds of skincare products that improve skin relaxation, and recently the most popular is vitamin C body lotion.
十二月 4, 2019

Cosmetic bag VS lady’s affection and trouble

The cosmetic bag is a kind of high-end bag that is used to load cosmetic tools and cosmetic products.
十二月 4, 2019

Let’s get to know about the beach bag

Beach bag is a casual and easy-going style bag, and it is suitable to go out to travel.
十一月 19, 2019

How can you choose a real leather handbag?

The deer leather handbag is soft, strong, beautiful, and its weight is light.