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How to Buy The Best Quartz Stone Kitchen Top

For most quartz countertops for bathroom customers, when they choose the kitchen top, they prefer the man made stone, for its higher model capacity and lower price than the natural stone. However, quality of the man made stone is high and low in the market, it is difficult for all customers to choose the right one. In addition, many customers do not pay attention to maintenance on the man made stone. It is so vital to prolong the service life of man made stone.  

Cracks in the man made stone kitchen top is hard to repair, the most important thing is to know more about the characteristics of the man made stone, and prolong the longevity of the man made stone kitchen top. 


It is known that the main man made stone in the market now is divided into 3 kinds, namely man made quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops, and composite acrylic countertops. Among them, the former one is called quartz stone countertops by many salesmen, while the last two are always called man made stone countertops. There are some differences about their products performance.


Quartz stone countertops are mainly made of silica, which is of high hardness, fracture seldom happens to it is good wear-resistant. There are scratches easily appearing on the composite acrylic sample if you use knife to cut it. Compared with quartz stone countertops, acrylic products is weak in wear-resistance. Some experts say, “Composite acrylic made of resin, acrylic and color master, its wear-resistance is weaker than pure acrylic.”

Moreover, the acrylic quality plays important in the wear-resistance and hardness of the man made stone countertop. The acrylic volume of man made stone at 40%-45% is the most stable, that is called pure acrylic, and its comprehensive performance is the best.

In the present market, pure acrylic products are mainly the imported brand products. Only when the material is guaranteed, can you make sure the hardness of the pure acrylic products between the natural stone and hard wood, not easy to crack.

So, when you purchase the composite acrylic man made stone, you has better ask the supplier for some product specification, and pay notice to the resin volume, most engineered stone countertops suppliers in order to cut down the cost, reduce the acrylic volume by raise the resin volume. Under this case, your countertops will do bad at wear resisting. More importantly, it is easy for the countertops to be aging and color fade.

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